Talulah Gosh

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Oxford Jericho Tavern

Take me out tonight where there’s music and there’s people who are young and alive. Take me to the first new look Talulah Gosh gig. Take me to Oxford, make me smile.

“I’ll give you my heart, if you’ll give me yours, but I know that you won’t, because you’re selfish that way.”

Talulah Gosh have always known more about life than they’ve admitted. ‘My Best Friend’ is a classic rat-a-tat beat bursting with the joys of spring and the knowledge of pain. But Talulah Gosh have moved on.

They’ve remembered their roots. ‘Talulah Gosh’, it transpired, was the girl next door, she was a pop star for a day, and now she’s a film star with her own TV show. But still she keeps her diary and haunts art galleries.

‘Talulah Gosh’ is the best pop song I’ve heard in months. It starts slowly on steadily beating wings and then swoops down upon the heads of the thrash dancing throng with a sweet vengeance built upon Matthew’s much improved kick-start drumming.

And ‘Talulah Gosh’ could almost be Liz, the Talulah who walked and who’s now recording with Greg from The Razorcuts. At the back of the hall, glamorous in monochrome, Liz waves and grins at the band on stage, and shouts for ‘Beatnik Boy’, the hit she wrote. They don’t play it. Meanwhile, a new Talulah, Eithne (say ‘Etna’), shakes a willing tambourine and forgets the words to the only two songs she thought she knew.

Talulah Gosh have come of age. No longer afraid to slow to a walk when their inspiration draws from the mid-paced ’60s, they can still whip up a storm or a new collapsing guitar solo whenever the mood takes them. And Amelia is everything Tracey Tracey, the Thunderbird puppet from The Primitives, isn’t!

Thirty five minutes with Talulah Gosh? I wouldn’t say no. People said they were virtually dead but they were so wrong. I dreamt about Talulah Gosh last night and I fell out of bed. Twice. They’re the bee’s knees.