Talulah Gosh

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NME, 7 June 1986
Early live review. Thank you Chris Scott.

Melody Maker, 14 June 1986
Thanks to Chris Scott.

Sounds, 14 June 1986
Roger Holland gets hot ’n’ bothered over new girlie wonders Talulah Gosh.

Oxford Star, 17 June 1986
They’re fast and loud and young and precious…

NME, 1986
The Legend! is won over by Talulah Gosh, out of nowhere and heading up.

Melody Maker, 15 November 1986
Simon Reynolds talks to Talulah Gosh about true romance and iffy sexual politics.

Record Mirror, 13 December 1986 (1, 2)
Talulah Gosh started off with their cutie tongues in their cutie cheeks…

Student paper review
“Probably from Cherwell.” Thank you Chris Scott.

Sounds, 3 January 1987
Roger Holland foams at the mouth over the glorious pop of some kiddies from Oxfordshire.

Sounds, 24 January 1987
Talulah Gosh are looking for a replacement for singer Liz…

New Socialist, March 1987
Innocent jangly guitar bands now stalk the land…

Sounds, 14 March 1987
Take me to the first new look Talulah Gosh gig. Take me to Oxford, make me smile.

Record Mirror, 1 August 1987
The Cuties are dead — long live the Butchies, says Jonathan Hero.

Sounds, 1988
As the Goshies all cry “Farleys rusks, I can handle them”, the message is still grow up.

Sarah 4
A scan from the fanzine Sarah 4. Thanks to Robert Myre and sellpackpost.

The sleevenotes from the 1996 anthology.

Backwash press kit (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
From imnotalwayssostupid.blogspot.com.

The Guardian, 4 December 2012
A recent piece.

The Independent, 5 December 2012
Another recent piece.